The global boutique-style conference show with sustainable impact


D:PULSE addresses current challenges, issues and interrelations of Digital Marketing & Communications, Technology & Innovation as well as Business Responsibility & Strategy.

The aim of the global business conference network with sustainable impact is to promote change management, break through entrenched business models, shape the digital communications landscape and connect markets.

It’s about context, not content


D:PULSE picks up on a strong industry need:
the consistent interpretation and foresight of digital changes with all their interplay.

Topics are embedded in the overarching context because digital complexity can only be grasped from a superordinate,
multi-layered and sustainable perspective.



Consumer focus

Two major movements are challenging our industry: emerging technologies meet consumer-oriented values including the demand for greater transparency, responsibility, participation and sustainability.

In this context, our success will depend 100% on gaining consumer confidence through building strong and sustainable customer relationships. The dominating and equally groundbreaking focus of D:PULSE is the consumer’s perspective in a digitized world.

Breaking up the usual conference style

In unconventional formats D:PULSE inspires collaboration, lead generation, experience exchange, knowledge transfer and inspiration.

Spotlight lectures, key moments, interviews, opinions and a look beyond the horizon – we discuss digital trends, but also want to inspire and to leverage digital business models into the future.

Out-of-the-box thinking is crucial to hold on with corporate and social responsibility, which is a decisive step for the future of our brands, products and marketing and thus for people. We also love to surprise, to discover new faces on stage and stirring statements with personal commitment and attitude.



D:PULSE considers itself a service platform for the digital business community. Like a beacon, the network is guiding the industry through the maze of new opportunities. Our claim represents the 3 core benefits of being part of the unique global D:PULSE network and community:


After all, we believe that access is key. D:PULSE brings national and international decision-makers and innovators together and connects you with the right players. Creating strong leads, valuable contacts and preparing the ground for sustainable partnerships across markets.



D:PULSE lets you dive into immersive worlds and try out new technologies on the PLAY:Ground. In the INSPIRATION:Village, you get a chance to pick brains and explore groundbreaking start-ups and their ideas.



D:PULSE looks at the world through the eyes of the consumer. By embedding current market challenges in the overarching context, our conference program and speakers provide orientation, knowledg and inspiration and ensure that you take unique learnings home with you.


D:PULSE attracts an influencial audience

  • Thought Leaders, Experts, Young Talents and Innovators from Marketing, Media, Communications, Technology, Science and Culture
  • Brand and Corporate executives
  • Digital Transformer, visionaries, games changers and role models with an influence on consumers digital life
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs with inspiring new ideas, technologies and innovation
  • Agencies, media companies and publishers with focus on consumer communication

D:PULSE #forgood

Something is dear to our hearts - sustainability!

Sustainability is a commitment, even at events. But can economics and ecology really go hand in hand? We attach importance to what we propagate and put all organizational measures around the D:PULSE to the test. We try to make the D:PULSE as environmentally friendly as possible. Be it with regard to catering, ticketing, furniture, advice for a CO2 reduced journey, and much more. We can make a big difference even on a small scale. That is our common challenge. Join us!


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